Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dear Addison - 2 Months

Addison my sweet girl, what a month we have had. This month had the longest nights, the loudest cries, the sorest tummies, the loudest farts, the most times Mummy cried, the most day naps refused.

But also, the most cuddles, the time you slept 6.5 hours, discovering the way your vision and eye coordination has improved, that you have ticklish feet, that you love to play and the smiles you are giving us (mostly Mum).

The days are going by so fast, 8 weeks will soon turn into 8 months, too soon I think! When I remember that, I spend a little extra time cuddling you because I won't get this time back. You are growing out of your newborn clothes and into 000 size. It seems so weird to be packing away clothes already, ready to be used by a future child - your future sibling! Way too soon to be thinking about that!

You have been guzzling your milk so fast that you swallow a tonne of air and even though most of it comes up as giant burps, some gets stuck in your tummy and causes you pain. You wake yourself up trying so hard to get it out and it cuts your sleeps short most of the time. We have tried so many things but the thing that works best is massage right now. We are hoping that your tummy will develop quickly and you will grow out of this phase!

When we take you out in the car, you behave so well, you enjoy all the cuddles you get from our friends. When we go for walks in the pram you cry for most of the trip until you eventually fall asleep.

For a week now you have been giving me smiles, mostly cheeky ones in the middle of night feeds. The last few days you have been smiling for me more and just tonight you had some big ones for your Dad which made me a bit teary.

There is so much more to say about you but mostly we are enjoying watching you grow and change before our eyes. Slow down time.

Bless you my darling girl.

Love Mummy


  1. xxx Oh how I wish I could have a cuddle! She's so lovely, Amy! Keep up the good work, you're an awesome Mama.

  2. Great piece. I like the way you simplified it here. Anyone can get it. Nicely explained.


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