Monday, 30 June 2014

Cloud Felt Mobile

Somehow I have gathered a bunch of felt in my stash and I figured I could make some simple, baby type crafts.

I remember seeing a cloud mobile somewhere in a magazine and a quick Pinterest search helped get the creative juices flowing.

I used white felt for the cloud (obviously), and then made 5 raindrops in the colours I had spare and arranged them in a semi-rainbow-type sequence.

To hang the raindrops from the cloud I just crocheted a chain of varying lengths, as well as one chain to hang from the top.

The mobile is 3D and the cloud and raindrops are filled with polyfill.

I machine stitched around all edges but to be honest, I like hand stitching on felt a lot nicer so next time I will hand stitch them.

Addison loves her cloud mobile which I have hung on the wall next to the change table. Every time she gets changed she looks over and gives it big smiles. I give it a gentle swing too so it is more interesting for her to look at. 

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