Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mama Made #1

 During the caught moments between Addison feeding and settling, when she finally gets to sleep, I try to keep myself sane by doing some quick crafts for my baby girl. It doesn't happen often, I am more inclined to have a nap or bake some tasty treats for midnight (and other night hour) snacks.

I made the bird onesie a while back when I was pregnant. Sadly it is already getting too small for her!

The pink tights were a quick job, I inherited some pink stretch knit fabric and traced around the pattern of some tights I already had. A couple of seams and hems later and some elastic threaded through and I had some teeny tiny tights! I see many more in the future, I just have to find some awesome stretch fabric.

 This headband, which featured in Addy's one month photoshoot, is a 3 coloured crochet flower with a button stitched in the middle. I made the pattern up myself which is always a bit of fun.

There are three things in Addy's bassinet that are Mama made:

The purple chevron fitted sheet is a piece of flannelette that I sewed elastic around to fit the mattress.

The pink and grey ripple blanket was my crochet project while I was pregnant. I used some scrap yarn and hoped it would be enough to make a decent sized blanket. I ended up having to buy a nearly-matching grey ball to finish off the border.

When we bought the bassinet we loved the turned rails around the sides but once we brought Addison home we realised that those rails were traps just the right size for baby arms. Even though we now swaddle her, I decided that I could whip up some sort of bumper to keep her arms in.

 I found the awesome fox fabric at Lincraft and lined it with some black cotton fabric. I attached some velcro straps along the top and sides to strap it to the bassinet. Now instead of counting sheep, she can count foxes!

I am looking forward to finding more projects to make for Addison over the next wee while!

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