Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dear Addison - 1 Month

Precious Addison, how has a month gone by already? You are growing right before our eyes and becoming more and more interested in what is going on in your tiny little world.

We are still trying to figure out your personality, you are pretty chilled out but when you want something, boy do you let us know.

Sleep is a work in progress. You were born with your body clock around the opposite way, sleeping longest and best during the day and waking every 2 hours during the night. Now you are more alert during the day we are beginning to get 3 hour stretches during the night which is nice. You even went 4.5 hours last night but I woke up when you stirred after 3 hours but you put yourself back to sleep and I waited up thinking it would be any second you would be desperate for food. All that precious sleep I could have had!

I am coping ok with the whole sleep deprivation thing. It seems like if we have a bad night then the day is a lot better and I can nap through it. There have been a couple of nights when things just got too much and you wouldn't settle and there were tears. Your Dad is amazing though and always has a big hug for me and is able to give you big cuddles and will stay with you until you go to sleep.

You are growing really well, at your 3 week weigh-in you had just cracked 8lbs which is nearly a whole kg more than when you were born! We can see you getting more meat on your bones, your thighs, cheeks and chin showing it the most. Your tummy is also getting bigger and sometimes it seems like a bottomless pit!

You are now fitting your newborn clothes a lot better and I'm sure it wont be long until you grow out of them. I love how small you are at the moment, so easy to hold with one arm. A lot of people say that you look like a little doll, especially when you are asleep in your carseat.

Your favourite way to be held is up over our shoulders. It puts you to sleep pretty quickly, which doesn't help when you need to be in your bassinet but I absolutely love the snuggles I get with you when you are like that. I don't want to put you down!

We have no official smiles yet but I don't think they are far away. You have been focusing on our faces more and are trying to copy our expressions. You seem to like bath time and having no clothes on lying in a sunbeam on the floor.

Addison, you are a joy to have around. You keep us on our toes and are constantly reminding us that we don't have all the answers. We love being your parents.

xx Mum and Dad

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  1. Precious! Ain't it awesome being a Mum? I love her little head-band ;)



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