Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Time I Trashed My Wedding Dress

To be honest, right now I am in some sort of creative slump. But I know that it will pass and I am just enjoying spending my free nights snuggled up by the fire watching Breaking Bad with Dave and Killer.

So to give you a bit of awesomeness to get you through the rainy week I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photos from the time I did a Trash the Dress photoshoot.
My amazing friend Adele from Adele Krantz Photography took me out for the day and we found the most amazing spots to shoot in. Plus she even did my hair and makeup for me!

This was way back in April 2010 so most of these landmarks have either been destroyed or significantly changed since the earthquakes. We used the old Sale Yards on Deans Ave, Christchurch and Sumner Beach, Christchurch.

A Trash the Dress Photoshoot is basically another excuse to get some great pictures of you in your wedding dress. It can be done with or without your partner. There are no limits to how creative you want the photos to be - I got my dress wet, I have seen others use brightly coloured paints or gone up trees or been under a waterfall - basically anything you think would look epic that is not logistically possible on your wedding day! I also wanted some photos of me wearing my trusty Chuck Taylor's. 

Adele did a great job right! I'm not usually this photogenic! P.S - That water was FREEZING!

Please don't re-use these images without my permission
Credit to Adele Krantz
Not a sponsored post - just seriously love these photos!!


  1. Gorgeous! I think my favourite is the one of you walking towards the water carrying your shoes. :)

    Also, I never realised those old sale yards were so cool with all their colourful graffiti!

    1. Thanks Holly! The sale yards are so cool! The graffiti changes all the time too :)

  2. i love the trash the dress concept, tempted to trash mine as i don't really like it (it was an impulse buy!). you look stunning and the photos are amazing, especially love the dark water ones x

    1. Oh do it Max!! You won't regret it!
      The dark water photos were taken in cathedral cave (if that's what it was called) in Sumner!

  3. these are beautiful photos Amy, you look amazing

  4. Sometimes I can squeeze myself in to a Size 0, but I won't risk that on a wedding dress. Anyways, something about the Weddingo you will really like is that they custom make the dress for you! jacquie mexico's most beautiful bride

  5. Great pictures! You're an original titd girl! Do you still have your dress?


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