Saturday, 20 July 2013

Roller Derby vs Crochet - Toe Guards

Check out my sweet derby skates!
Like pretty much everything I own, these are second hand. The leather has already been worn in! No blisters for me thank you very much!

I am slowly beginning to customise these to be my style but at the moment they are a bit mixy-matchy. The toe stops have been swapped out to something with a bit more surface area and I have put in some pink laces for now. They came with some sweet wheels but I need some new bearings and also I need to grow my wheel collection because of the variety of different surfaces we skate on.

But the biggest problem with these skates is the toe guard. Since derby invloves a lot of falling (intentional or not), skates will end up a bit scuffed. The leather toe guards do well at protecting the toes but not either side of the toes. The poor skates were looking a little worse for wear so I thought that I would try and make my own toe guards. Crocheted toe guards!

Now I know these won't last long but how cool are they! I can make them any colour too so I can match them to my outfit (yes, a huge part of derby is the outfit!)

I am giving them a test run tonight to see how they go :)


  1. Cool! Great idea! Hope they go well! x

  2. I too am new to derby, in training, and am working on crocheting toeguards with t-shirt yarn. I was wondering how these worked ou and how long they lasted?

    1. Isn't derby fun!!! Thanks for stopping by, I used cotton for these and they are still going strong 2 months later! They have stretched a little bit though. I also had to put a nut and washer each side of the toe stop part to keep it from wearing the cotton down on the plate. I would love to see yours when they are done - email me at
      Good luck!


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