Sunday, 9 December 2012

An Actual Quilt

 Some long-time readers may remember a Quilt I made earlier this year. It isn't technically a quilt in the fact that it hasnt been 'quilted', it is really just a glorified duvet cover.

So if we are going on technicalities, then this is my first actual quilt I have finished!

This is a Christmas present but I am fairly certain the recipient doesn't read my blog so we are safe.

I got the material from the Travelling Stash Box that made its way around NZ a couple of months ago. The strips of material were pre-cut so it was perfect! I went and bought some cheap batting from Kutwell Fabrics, I also got the backing material from there too, and I was away laughing. My stitching-in-the-ditch leaves a bit to be desired but it still looks awesome and it will be a great lap quilt for a certain person.

I even ironed my own bias binding! If you know me, you know I NEVER iron anything, so this was a big step!

Anyway, here are some pretty pictures of it blowing in the breeze!

I see you stray thread! Go away!


  1. Well done
    I still haven't quilted my own quilt

  2. Oh my gosh it LOOKS AMAZING!!! LOVING the grey stipes. Stoked!!!!!

  3. Well done!! Love the neutrals, looks a lot like luxury! :) x


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