Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Things in 2012

As the year draws to a close, I thought I might make mention of a few significant things that went on in my life in 2012.

1. I gave up coffee. This is a big deal for coffee-loving Amy. It was a recommendation from my dr as my blood pressure is running pretty high. It seems to be making a slight difference so I shall continue to be (mostly) caffeine free. I have the odd glass of coke and chocolate so can't properly claim caffeine free. I had my last cup of coffee in mid- May so 7 months going strong.

2. I learnt how to use power tools. Dave taught me about the different types of power tools on an educational trip to Mitre 10 and supervised me using a skill saw. It is fair to say I am a natural and I haven't looked back. Safety first though, I usually have my ear muffs on.

3. I got over my fear of the Dr. I'm not sure if it was a fear but more a waste of money. However my view has changed dramatically and I very much appreciate the service that GPs do. I am now much more likely to suggest a trip to the Dr if something is not quite right.

4. The dentist. I won't tell you how long I left my teeth to do their own thing but this year I finally got them sorted. Just a few fillings mind you, but any longer and things could have turned out differently. I would like to thank my IRD refund for that.

5. I started blogging! It seems like I have been at it for way longer than a year but my blog history tells me that I started blogging just after New Years 2012.
Blogging has done wonders for my creative life. I am much more motivated and have made a tonne of new 'friends' to share and gain inspiration.

6. I am on my way to starting a mini-business. My pallet art has become a decent little hobby that is proving to be very popular. Early in 2013 I hope to re do my stocks and get a felt shop up and running, as well as a few more markets.

7. This is the longest I have ever been at a job! It is coming up to 2 years and that may sound like not very long but between moving cities a bunch of times, studying and earthquakes 2 years is quite an achievement.

8. We started our house buying journey. Not quite there yet but hopefully in a few months we will own our first home!

9. We got our finances sorted. Our debt is nearly gone! (Not including student loans grumble grumble) just one year left on our car loan, totally achievable.

10. We watched the entire Stargate franchise. We also own them all. Self confessed sci-fi geeks we are.

11. We had a good go at a handmade Christmas. 90% of our gifts were handmade which I think is an awesome achievement.

12. I had my most successful (and currently only) re-purposed sale on trade me. A $2 hall table became $95 in my pocket. I aim to sell a lot more stuff in 2013. The problem is that everything I do I want to keep. But we have run out of room so the only way is out.

Happy New Years to all my readers, I pray 2013 is a year that you achieve so much more than you plan to!



  1. You are such a delicious person! Reading that made me proud... and house adventures?! COOL! X


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