Friday, 20 March 2015

{DIY} Blue and Gold Dresser Makeover

About a month ago, Dave was away for 8 days on business. To fill up my evenings, I decided to tackle a long overdue project.

This dresser literally arrived on my doorstep one night. My wonderful brother-in-law is always on the hunt for roadside treasures and he saw this one, loaded it into his car and dropped it off one night way before Christmas! I put it away in the shed and forgot about it (Dave didn't - he kept reminding me it was taking up precious shed space!) until I had a moment of inspiration. 

Below is the before pic - I had to borrow this one from TradeMe because I forgot to take one! Mine was without the mirror or lip on the back edge.

It was in ok condition, a few rough patches here and there and a few of the rails need replacing but still perfectly functional.

When we bought our house we inherited a bunch of paint cans in one of the sheds. One of the cans had this really pretty blue colour that I kept in my head for a someday project. I am also really loving the metallic/gold trend at the moment so I put the two together and boom.

I also wanted to make a feature of the inlays, not just paint the outline but fill it up with a statement piece. The Moroccan-ish pattern stuck out to me and so I went in search of something I could use to stencil.

Unfortunately what I wanted wasn't easy to stencil so I took the long route and made a template and carefully traced around it a bazillion times, trying to get the spacing even.

Then came the hours of hand painting between the lines, they needed a couple of coats too - Dave bought me a gold paint pen to make things easier but it got clogged and bled everywhere so I ended up using the paint from the pen and brushing it on.

Once that was done I had to figure out what to do with the handles. They were silver and white pewter and I couldn't make up my mind what to replace them with. I ended up spray painting the original handles gold and they turned out pretty good and still go with the new drawers.

I am so stoked with how this project turned out, it is exactly what was in my head and I managed to execute it all by myself!

It also cost pretty much $0 because we had everything lying around - (no wait I had to buy gold paint and the paint pen - so lets say $20)

This beauty is going in Addison's room and is the inspiration piece for the colour scheme. I am still to work out the details though. It is almost ready for painting - so close!

While I was taking these photos my kitty Killer came to help model the drawers for me!

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