Sunday, 16 February 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant

This girl-flavoured bump is definitely making itself known now! I feel like FINALLY I'm past the 'Is-she-preggo? Better-not-ask-in-case-she-ate-too-many-pies' phase.

This week:
  • Third Trimester baby! Home stretch! Although it is dawning on me that this baby girl has to come out somehow and each day she just gets bigger! I do want her to cook as long as possible though.
  • She is bang on her growth dates, and in the last scan I saw her do a big yawn and stick her hand in her mouth. Hopefully she stays that chilled out once she leaves her cocoon.
  • I am getting HUNGRY! My appetite has been more or less the same so far, if not less, but now I am finding myself still hungry after eating a full meal. Still no cravings though!
  • My sleep is becoming more and more interrupted by multiple toilet visits and the need to use all the pillows to support my back and ever-growing tummy. I am secretly glad though because I was the worlds deepest sleeper so it is good practice for those long nights ahead of me. 
  • The preggo hormones are back again, I am finding myself irritated at tiny little things but can still see how silly I'm being at the time. Sorry Dave and Workmates!
  • Baby C is doing some decent wiggles and kicks now, it makes my whole tummy jump around and Dave still gets the biggest kicks. She is head-down at the moment so I get lots of feet to the ribs too. 
  • Baby C is now weighing in at around about 1.3kg. She is as big as a large eggplant and can blink her pretty little eyes and eyelashes. 
  • I am back to being super tired, like I was in my first trimester. Naps almost every afternoon are on the menu.
  • Baby C gets hiccups quite a lot too. It feels like little rhythmic movements, usually against my hip bone, about a second apart, lasting from a minute up to about 5 minutes. You can feel it by putting your hand on my tummy too!
Keep doing what you are doing Baby C!


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