Thursday, 19 December 2013

We are having....


Baby C was being most uncooperative at the scan on Tuesday and decided to keep its bits hidden. This means no awesome gender reveal and more creative thinking on my part. I am a bit disappointed because it was going to be our Christmas present to ourselves and I felt like I could really begin to bond with my baby once we could decide on a name and begin imagining it in our lives. 

But we do get another scan in 8 weeks so we CAN find out then. And now that I can feel Baby C having dance parties in my tummy I am feeling a lot more attached to the tiny little life inside me. Plus Baby C is happy and healthy in there so I really can't complain.

The only thing the sonographer could say was:
'I get the impression it is a girl but I can't tell for sure because boys can hide their bits'.

So we are not keen on banking on 'probably' a girl so bring on 8 weeks so we can know for sure!

I will do my 20 week update in another post in the next day or so :)



  1. Arrr cheeky baby! I am so looking forward to the gender reveal! Maybe baby wants a gender reveal party? ! Glad you are both healthy and happy xxxx

  2. Cheeky! Having had both a surprise and a known, there are awesome things about both :) Not knowing does help when it comes to the pushing ;)


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